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Space Planning

GSM Interiors offer an effervescent fit out project that can vastly improve productivity, improve teamwork, create a vibrant working space that just encourages creativity and give an overall morale boost to your staff. Also removes any unused unwanted space. We look at the existing space and how it is being used to get a better idea of how we can improve your work space. We look at the areas of how long you spend in meeting rooms, in break rooms and how the space is used during specific activities. We bring big ideas to life and with the use of 2D and 3D imagery you can get a good understanding of what we are trying to achieve.

If your organisation is moving to a new place we can take your existing furniture and plan your space way in advance giving you peace of mind that your new work space will be ready and fit for purpose.

What’s involved in great space planning are:

  • Getting to know what the clients want carefully listening to their needs.
  • Get to know the organisations work space and make a plan of action.
  • Creating good ideas that will not only benefit you now but in the future as well.
  • Provide the best possible solution for your business.

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